Hektoen International

As part of the editorial team I research and draft original content for Hektoen International’s various sections.

“For their own sakes”: The Edinburgh Seven, Surgeon’s Hall Riot, and the fate of English medical women – Published December 2021

Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte: tradition, assimilation, and healing – Published November 2021

A bad taste in the mouth: over fifty years of doubt about MSG – Published June 2021

Justine Siegemund, opening doorways to midwifery – Published April 2021

Body and soul, balance and the Sibyl of the Rhine: the life and medicine of Saint Hildegard of Bingen – Published March 2021

Women in the medical profession: the trial of Jacoba Felicie de Almania – Published June 2020

A surgeon and a gentleman: the life of James Barry – Published April 2020

African American medical pioneers – Published January 2020

More than “toil and trouble”: Macbeth and medicine – Published May 2019

From the goddess of healing to hair of the dog: the role of canines in health myth and fact – Published December 2018

And others.

Ghostwriting with Paro

As a freelance ghostwriter I work to provide content for’s financial blog. Each article is designed to be well researched, authoritative, and informative. Published blog posts include:

How to Know You Need to Switch CPA’s – Published October 2018

Chief Learning Officer – Articles Published January through May 2018

Working with Chief Learning Officer, I produced articles, interviews, and profiles within the learning and development field. Chief Learning Officer focuses on the importance, benefits, and advancement of a properly trained workforce.

C2ST History – Published November 2017

Throughout 2017 and 2018 I worked with the Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C2ST) to write a few pieces regarding their history, impact, and response to the world at large.

Punctuate. & What We Wish We Knew – Published November 2017

While working with Punctuate. A Nonfiction Magazine as their blog editor my writing was published on their blog Semi:Colon. From September through December I worked with a co-editor to edit blogs from other staff members published to the Semi:Colon blog.

Punctuate. & An Interview with Camille T. Dungy – Published December 2017

As a whole, the Punctuate staff discussed writing with author Camille T. Dungy. I worked separately to edit the interview to appear digitally.

Honors Research Award – June 2017

I won Columbia College Chicago’s Honors Research Award in June of 2017 for my piece “Textspeak Speaking,” which discusses the linguistic relationship between formal and informal written English. To view it in person an appointment can be made with the Columbia’s College Archives, or it can be read at the link above.

Junior Contributor—The Artifice

Working with The Artifice, I published articles discussing linguistics and gender roles in TV. The Artifice as a whole is a community that discusses, writes, edits, and publishes articles analyzing media.

My published articles include:

“Creative Texting: Writing and Textspeak” – Published February 2017

“Masculinity in Steven Universe: A Matter of GEMder?” – Published November 2016

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