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Short Stories

“Wolfmen: A Folktale” – Published January 2019

Musings on where werewolves come from, written in the style of a folktale. Published in Alban Lake Publishing’s anthology Bloodbond. One page sample available here.

“Wax and Wane” – Published October 2017

An invocation of the witch, of the frenemy, of the lover. Published in Syntax and Salt, a journal of speculative fiction.

“On Light and Dark” – Published June 2016

In the moments just before and after the big bang, a number of things may or may not have happened. Light and Dark may have fallen in and out of love, but that depends on who’s telling things. Published in Fickle Muses, a National journal focusing on mythological themes.


“All Sevens” – Published July 2018

This is the dream. This is the end of the world. Published in Argot magazine, an online publication dedicated to creative writing, smart analysis, and art across mediums.

Sestina About the Big G

To call it Catholic guilt is so stereotypical-except when that really is what you’ve got.

“It’s never been easy for someone so proud to kneel.
To whisper to the dark ‘I hear you, Lord,
and only you are holy.'”

Excerpts of longer fiction is available upon request. See my contact page for more information.

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